VODAFONE Developing the first chatbot in UK telecoms to offer a complete ecommerce transaction to transform Vodafone’s customer experience

“ TOBi has captured the imagination of everyone here at Vodafone UK. There has been a huge amount of engagement internally and it has brought about a real desire to place TOBi at the centre of our online customer experience. It’s allowed us to secure more investment for TOBi moving forward and we are excited to be at the forefront of innovation in the digital space.”

Jon Davies, Head of Digital

The Results

  • %
    reduction in time to checkout vs website
  • net promoter score
  • %
    increase in conversion rate

The Challenge

Develop a chatbot solution to improve customer success rates and customer satisfaction for SIM-only purchases.

Attract more customers to the digital channel with a more engaging experience than a traditional linear sales journey.

Improve the overall conversion rate of online sales from the basket to checkout, focusing particularly on reducing the dropout rate throughout the checkout journey on the website.

What We Did

Formed a joint innovation team with Vodafone to identify the latest technological innovations for creating a chatbot solution.

Developed and tested several conversational flows to shape the browse journey and introduced a checkout inside the assistant so customers could complete an order within the chat window.

Launched TOBi, a friendly, accessible chatbot, and the first in UK telecoms to offer an end to end sales journey - winning innovation trophies at the Campaign Tech Awards and Computing Digital Technology Leaders Awards.

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