Talk – Transitioning to Kentico MVC

Written by Ilesh Mistry
October 22nd 2018

1 min read

Do you want to know what’s involved in transitioning to Kentico MVC? Join myself and Rick Madigan at Kentico Connections on Wednesday 24th October 2018 in Prague to find out.

We will be talking about what’s involved for the conversion from Kentico portal engine to Kentico MVC. Going through some of the various steps involved, explaining some of the lessons learnt and providing advise on how to overcome them.

What you will learn

Moving clients who are used to the traditional Kentico portal engine model to Kentico MVC is a challenging process for any development agency.

If you then throw in trying to balance the developer’s technical minefield and trying to deliver client friendly content management, you can understand this could lead to catastrophic scenarios if it is not done properly.

We explain how we tackled these challenges and the lessons learned, providing you with practical tips for transitioning to Kentico MVC successfully!


Ilesh Mistry - Kentico Architect and Kentico MVP          Rick Madigan - Digital Strategist

Why not join Rick and I at Kentico Connections in Prague and discover what we have to say about the transitions we’ve made on projects from portal engine to MVC. You can register by going to the Kentico Connections Prague website. Look forward to seeing you all there!