Kentico Connection 2014 - Prague - Review

Written by Ilesh Mistry
October 13th 2014

6 minute read

Kentico Connection 2014 - Prague Review

This year the European Kentico Connection was held in Prague. Prague is an amazing city and well worth visiting. A great host for the Kentico Connection!

For me this was the first year after being announced as newest Kentico MVP. So I was mega excited to participate in the activities provided by Kentico.

It all kicked off on Sunday, when Kentico provided with a guided tour of Prague. This was a great moment for the people who arrived early on to get to know each other and the city of Prague. We had a great tour guide showing us what Prague had to offer and providing us with some history along the way.

Then came the evening social event which included beach sports, bowling and beer tasting. This was a thoroughly enjoyable event and got everyone involved showing their competitive spirit and that was just the beer tasting!

The MMT Digital bowling team did their job in showing their competitive spirit, with some of them inheriting new names :)

Morning of the first day

Bright and early for the first day, which only meant a run for the heroes. This was a good idea to start off with, but then soon turned into, why and what I am doing here! However we still made the effort to join the other early risers!

If you manage to get through that, there was also a Yoga with heroes session. I have to say a massive well done to Marty Drill from Get Started to get through both sessions, he must have been crazy :p, but really impressive :)!

Kentico Connection - Day 1

After the morning of intensive hero running / jogging / walking and yoga if you managed to get through it all, we made our way to the Strahov monastery. This location was simply amazing. The venue and ceiling was beautiful.

When you are in Prague or anywhere in fact, you have to get a selfie in ;)

The opening key note was excellent from Petr Palas explaining how he started the company and explaining how Kentico has evolved since he started it.

I thought it was very touching to know that the very first site Kentico built is still going strong with Kentico as their existing client base, that's really amazing!

After this we had a great demonstration of what Kentico can offer with EMS and Marketing Automation.

Next up was a different kind of session, this guy was amazing, his name is Tony Achmat, but he seemed to get everyone thinking about being a Hero and how we should be recognising achievements from people. It definitely got people buzzing and feeling upbeat for the afternoon of action pack Kentico sessions, agenda shown below.

There were some great sessions throughout the day, plus the chance to speak to fellow Kentico partners and people from Kentico was a valuable experience. You can see people appreciate that we share our knowledge within the Kentico community.

Social Event

After the last session, which involved Product Planning sessions on how we could all contribute to help Kentico move forwards on a topic, we went out for the main Social Event.

We took a nice tram journey to the restaurant, but this tram was not the usual tram, but more old fashioned and looked amazing.

So we reach the restaurant and Kentico have laid out a really nice meal for us. It was a great socialising moment for everyone involved.

We were truly touched with what happened next. Kentico for their 10 years, raised lots of money for the Red Cross and Red Crescent, it was $41,500 and Petr Palas presented this enormous cheque to them.

Okay so if you are like me, your probably thinking that should be it from Kentico and they can't surely have more things to do. Well I was wrong!

We were told to go outside and there we were over looking the river and were looking at an astonishing fireworks display.


Next up was a funny section, where you can take photos with funny glasses and props. Another great feature to Kentico's event team and this brought lots of laughs among people.

Photos from Kentico Connection on Facebook

Kentico Connection - Day 2

Day 2 of the event and the schedule was jam packed again. Lots of sessions going on, just like the day before where I just wanted to be in all the sessions.

The second day was for me to present my session on Kentico Accessibility on the Scope website, which from what I gathered went pretty well. I also introduced a little game show entertainment into it to get the audience involved.

For those who could not make that session, here is a link to the presentation.

There were also some other great sessions, which were hard to miss.

There was also something new at Kentico Connection 2014 in Prague, which was that all four MVPs were there and to make use of this, there was a Kentico MVP Panel to ask questions. This was a first for Kentico Connections!

After this we were shown the closing key note. Some useful things to look out for.

There are some exciting features to look out for in the next release and versions.

Shout out

I have to mention a special and massive shout out to Kentico and their team for arranging such a special event! They put a lot of time and effort into making sure everything ran smoothly. I would thoroughly recommend people attending such an event and I can't wait for the next one. 

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