How to Overcome Some Common Challenges with the Kentico Accelerator Setup for Ucommerce

By Ilesh Mistry
November 29th 2017

4 mins read

Kentico 11 will be released on December 11th with a whole host of new and exciting features. One of the most eagerly anticipated updates is Kentico’s partnership with Ucommerce, a leading platform for content and commerce. There is a helpful get-started kit which comes complete with a handy tool for Ucommerce, the Kentico Accelerator. In this blog post, I’m going to look at how to set up the Accelerator tool and how to resolve some of the common challenges you may face.

How to set up the Ucommerce for Kentico Accelerator

Ucommerce accelerator for Kentico

Ucommerce is a commerce first solution and its release in Kentico version 11 is just around the corner. However, you can get started with it now on a Kentico version 10 site with the Ucommerce for Kentico Accelerator.

Here is the official guide to setting up the accelerator.

While you do this, you may run into a few challenges. Below are three simple mistakes to be aware of with recommendations on how to solve them.

  1. Long file names in the download
    When you go to the Ucommerce website to download the accelerator, you will notice that you are required to download a zip file. The folder name within this zip is not that long, but nested long folder names combined with long file names can be problematic.

    windows file path

    Windows has a default file path character limit of 260 characters and when you extract the downloaded folder it will warn you that some files have exceeded the file path limit.

    Windows file path too long message

    It is really important not to 'Skip' any files that could be too long as it is unclear at this extraction stage whether that particular file may be needed to run the accelerator.

    Recommendation: Rename the folders with a shorter name e.g. Ucommerce-Accelerator, before extracting the files.
  2. Castle.Windsor importance
    Ucommerce is a complex ecommerce solution and an important part of setting up the infrastructure is Castle Windsor.

    Castle Windsor

    Castle Windsor is an inversion of control tool and can give you objects with pre-built and pre-wired dependencies.

    Castle Windsor NuGet package

    Recommendation: Due to its importance in helping Ucommerce run smoothly, if you notice that Castle Windsor is not included as a reference in your Visual Studio solution, then you should install the NuGet package for Castle Windsor 3.3.0.
  3. Firewall blocking files

    If you have protection on your machine e.g. Symantec Endpoint Protection, then you may notice it runs a number of checks in the background, helping to prevent anything malicious coming through to your machine.

    Symantec Endpoint Protection is anti-malware, intrusion prevention and firewall software for servers and desktops. When unzipping folders, this could trigger the protection software to run checks and provide alerts if something doesn’t seem right.

    This is no different to when you extract your Ucommerce for Kentico Accelerator files. You may notice that some files may be removed or ignored and a popup/alert for those files will appear.

    Symantec error

    Recommendation: Look at your firewall settings and pay particular attention to alerts popping up during the Ucommerce for Kentico Accelerator extraction process and ensure you mark them as safe to use. If you’re unsure about the files blocked by your firewall, then I recommend you speak to Ucommerce support.


When version 11 is released on December 11th, Kentico will be joining forces with Ucommerce to provide an alternative ecommerce solution to its current model. This is an exciting time for Kentico and the partnership will provide organisations with stronger, enterprise-level ecommerce capabilities, all within the user friendly Kentico CMS. Take a look for yourself at what Ucommerce will bring to Kentico via the Ucommerce for Kentico Accelerator. Hopefully this post has provided you with some tips on how to get set up and solve some common challenges that you may face. It really is impressive so I urge you to check it out for yourself!