Viva Las 404!

Written by Rick Madigan
November 11th 2016

6 minute read

Over the years, we have been lucky to attend the Kentico Connections conferences in Europe and the US. So naturally we were intrigued when the announcement came that the old Connections was changing into something a little different – the 404 Conference. The icing on the cake? It was all going down in the wild playground that is Las Vegas.

And with that, four of MMT Digital’s finest (including our very own MVP Ilesh Mistry) embarked on the long journey across the Atlantic, braving bizarre pastries and laborious paperwork, to attend the inaugural 404 Conference…

The future of Kentico

The 404 Conference kicked off with a bang as we played witness to the unveiling of both Kentico 10 and Kentico Cloud. At MMT Digital, we’ve already had insight into the ongoing development of both products but it was fantastic to see the completed products in action.

Kentico 10 has made great strides within the EMS, enhancing the functionality to deliver more powerful campaigns and greater insight into the visitors on your website. This has been bolstered by increased support for MVC, performance enhancements across the platform, continued development of the continuous integration capabilities within the platform and a clever responsive images management tool.

Kentico Cloud is a bold new step for Kentico and provides an exciting alternative to the standard platform we know and love. The Draft, Deliver and Engage components give you greater flexibility to deliver outstanding user experiences across any CMS or custom solution. Editors can quickly assemble content which can be published seamlessly to any channel (Kentico or otherwise) with a powerful online marketing platform providing the opportunity to deliver personalised experiences to each user. We’ll have more on this thrilling new direction for Kentico in upcoming blog posts!

Welcome to 404

Following our day of Kentico, we headed straight into the 404 Conference. After a fantastic couple of keynote speeches from Scott Stratten and Scott Llewehr, we split into two tracks – Business and Technology. Both tracks offered up an array of thought-provoking and interesting sessions, shedding light on the good and the bad within marketing and development – including a compelling presentation from Ann Handley (although we’re still not over Petey).

Following the presentations, roundtable discussions gave partners and clients alike the opportunity to quiz the best and brightest on a wide array of topics. Our very own Ilesh Mistry took to the tables to field all manner of questions on deployment and test automation.

A long day to say the least but we still had the 404 Party to look forward to that night. Amidst the bright lights and frankly bonkers inhabitants, we were able to mingle and catch up with people from all over the world, discussing challenges and opportunities.

A little bit of sleep (well it is Vegas!) and we were off into our final day of the conference. The day kicked off with a live edition of CMS Connected followed by even more intriguing Business and technology presentations. MMT Digital’s Ilesh Mistry even took to the stage to deliver an informative presentation on automated testing, highlighting the difference that automated tests can have on your projects. The goodie bags didn’t hurt either!

To cap it off, a great closing keynote from Stephen and Karol brought the curtain down on the 404 Conference.

That’s all folks!

With a heavy heart and a dire need for sleep, our intrepid foursome bid farewell to the 404 Conference and Las Vegas. The event was a bold change in direction from Kentico and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Thanks Kentico and we’re intrigued to see what you have in store for us next year!