MMT Digital launches new B2B website for Essilor to boost digital performance and customer engagement

Written by Nick Fahey
May 9th 2017

4 minute read

We are extremely proud to have just launched the new B2B website for Essilor, one of the leading high-end lens manufacturers in the UK. Essilor needed a best in class, integrated, customer centric website to improve information delivery and increase lead generation opportunities.

Providing informative content to support their customers (independent eye care professionals) was crucial to Essilor, to ensure that they could sell the Essilor range. The new Kentico website we have developed features an improved UX, Salesforce integration and new online training academy.

To establish a strategy for the new website, we conducted an extensive Phase 0 during which we defined user personas and user journeys. We worked collaboratively with Essilor using the customer research they had carried out to produce clear wireframes to progress to development with.

We refreshed the look of the website and brought the branding up to date. Essilor wanted to make the website the primary source of lead generation for the business so we transformed the product pages to effectively showcase the range for maximum appeal. We implemented a simple user experience so visitors can navigate the website and find content easily.

The website is now completely content manageable so that Essilor can quickly edit and add pages allowing them to keep their product range up to date. The marketing team had struggled with this on the previous site as it was not user friendly and became very time consuming.

Empowering Eye Care Professionals

As part of a new initiative to empower eye care professionals (ECPs), Essilor decided to introduce a training academy with the launch of its new website to deliver the accredited annual training required by all optometrists. ECPs can now access and work through their own training programme, for which they are awarded Continuous Education and Training (CET) points.

Having access to better data was important for Essilor so we integrated the Kentico site with its CRM platform, Salesforce. All user information, as well as data from the online training academy, is now fed into Salesforce. Essilor can use this valuable data to assess how the initiative is performing and build on their customer database to power and optimise its marketing campaigns.

Here's what our client thinks...

"From day one of the project, MMT and Essilor became a unified team and the result is something we are really proud of. Together, we launched ‘Phase 0’ by establishing stakeholder awareness through a discovery day. Following this, MMT initiated qualitative and quantitative research to truly understand the behaviour of Essilor customers both online and offline. As a result, user personas, wireframes and a new design vision were created, resulting in a customer centric website build.

An essential part of the project was to integrate web behaviour to Salesforce to assist us in developing a better understanding of our customer needs. Our sales teams can now access Salesforce and identify important customer actions and marketing can use tools such as lead scoring.

MMT Digital designed and developed a truly great website. The process of working together has been very transparent, innovative and educational. I would highly recommend MMT Digital to any company looking for exceptional delivery and a trustful relationship."

Adam Healey, Digital Marketing Manager, Essilor

What's next?

We delivered a minimum viable product (MVP) for Essilor that is already gathering real user feedback to test our assumptions. This is just the beginning of our collaboration and we will continue to monitor site performance to improve the website further in Q4 of this year.

Check out the new Essilor website here. 


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