Six Recommendations for Creating an Innovation Culture

June 17th 2019

1 minute read

Our Co-Founder James Cannings participated in a really insightful fireside chat: ‘Turning the Tanker: How Enterprise Agile Transformation Can Revolutionise a Legacy Business’ with our client Jon Davies, Head of Digital, Vodafone at LeadersIn Tech Summit last week.

From the lessons learned over the last two years of working together, here are James’ top six recommendations for established companies looking to create an innovation culture.

1. High Performing Teams

Establish high performing agile teams with a focus on agile best practices, team culture and governance.

2. Legacy Tech Debt

Have an architectural vision for dealing with legacy tech but empower your engineers to experiment to enable iterative improvements. Try to get 1% better every week.

3. Scaling

Only scale when you have great team practices. If you have a CFO that understands Value Stream Mapping as a basis for funding workstreams and not projects (well done Vodafone), then much of the battle is won.

4. Value Streams

Structure cross-functional teams around value streams and core user journeys. This empowers them to own the KPIs that really make a difference to your customers and the business.

5. Org Design

Putting the right organisational structures in place to help drive the cultural shift is key to successful digital transformation.

6. New Tech Integration

Once the business is able to integrate new technologies quickly, then you will really start to operate like a digitally native business.

At MMT Digital, we love working with established organisations who aspire to operate like digital native businesses. Talk to us today to find out how we can make your digital transformation a reality.


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