Talk - Are CMSs on the brink of extinction?

Written by Ilesh Mistry
June 26th 2018

1 min read

What is the state of the CMS in 2018? Join me at the Leicester Digital Exchange Meet-up on Tuesday 3rd July 2018 at the Anicca Digital offices in Leicester to find out. I'm looking forward to my first time speaking at this group's meetup having attended sessions before.

The talk I'm going to be doing will be on the topic of "Are CMSs on the brink of extinction?", focusing on the rapidly shifting landscape of the CMS market. It will also cover what monolith CMSs provide to us with their massive enterprise feature lists, what’s actually being used and what people avoid.

I will also explore how the death of traditional CMSs would affect clients and agencies, before looking at the alternative to monolith CMSs – the headless CMSs.


Why not join me at the meet up and you can discover what I have to say about the CMS future. You can register via the following link Leicester Digital Exchange Meet-up - Are CMSs on the brink of extinction?

Are CMSs on the brink of distinction

Slides below for 'Are CMSs on the brink of extinction'