Happy 10 years to Kentico

Written by Ilesh Mistry
June 30th 2014

2 minute read

Kentico celebrating 10 years

The greatest CMS, Kentico, is celebrating 10 years. If you are not aware of this, where have you been? Hope you haven't been sleeping past this!

Kentico have been going for 10 years and the best part of this is that they are getting better and better. 

Firstly check out their awesome website celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Kentico 10 Years.

How did it all start off?

Well, check out this great post by Kentico's very own founder and CEO, Petr Palas, talking about how it all started and the future plans in pushing Kentico further. Petr Palas talking about Kentico 10 Years

As you can see from Petr Palas's post, from when it all started in June 2004, you can see how his goal was achieved and evolved if you look at Kentico now in June 2014. You can see all the improvements Kentico have introduced in the years they have been providing this excellent CMS platform. 

Kentico version 8

Kentico version 8, is the latest release and shows Kentico's expertise as one of the leader CMS providers, improving all the time. This shows that Kentico are providing back to their clients. 

A big credit for the new version has to go to Petr Palas and his Kentico team!

Some of the greatest factors in Kentico's success and continuous growth is their ability to constantly adapt, listen to their client base and Kentico Partners. 

Kentico 10 Years

As part of Kentico's 10 years celebration, they have joined with Red Cross and Red Crescent to raise $10,000. You have until 4th July 2014 to help with this and get yourself a free Kentico CMS Base License.

Also don't also forget to Tweet #kentico10years and congratulate Kentico on their 10 years to win a t-shirt!


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