MMT Digital and Vodafone Win Partnership of the Year at the Real IT Awards

July 15th 2020

1 minute read

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded Partnership of The Year at the Real IT Awards with Vodafone.

Over the last three years we have formed a single, fully integrated team with Vodafone to drive digital transformation. Together, we have raised technical standards, led agile change and delivered award-winning innovative solutions. To be recognised for the success our partnership has achieved is a real honour.

Our bespoke framework/approach to scaling agile in complex organisations, developed over the last 10 years, has fed into the culture of high-performing combined teams at Vodafone, which deliver far more value to customers and the business than three years ago. The exceptionally productive, full-stack, collaborative agile teams that are now in place have delivered real business value whilst reductions in waste and increases in productivity equate to a massive £2m annual cost saving.

We’re extremely proud of every single person on the team. They have all been instrumental in building this award-winning partnership and we look forward to future successes as part of Vodafone’s agile and digital transformation journey.

If you’d like help assessing the maturity of your organisation’s agile capability, our Agile Maturity Index (AMI) can provide you with real-time insights into the performance, capabilities and effectiveness of your engineering teams. To learn more, email James Cannings at


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