MMT Digital Builds Vodafone Labs to Showcase Vodafone UK’s Latest Digital Innovations

Written by Ian Greentree
July 25th 2017

4 minutes read

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new microsite, Vodafone Labs, for Vodafone UK. The site is a central hub that will showcase the company's latest innovations in technology which are set to put customers’ needs at the heart of its service. The microsite is also a platform for attracting new talent to Vodafone’s digital team with some sleek design concepts and rich media content.

We worked in partnership with Vodafone Digital and agenda21 (our sister agency), and by having the product owner, designers and developers working side by side we were able to define a strong Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This allowed Vodafone to effectively prioritise its business requirements and substantially reduce time to market. The Labs MVP microsite was conceived and delivered in a single sprint which not only included design, build and SEO but also the production of content and online video.

Our agile culture allowed development to move forward while we tested the site with Vodafone’s stakeholders via a daily build of the demonstration environment. Node.js really presented the ability to do this in the most efficient way. Developers created pages from wireframes where UI design hadn’t been created and in some cases, didn’t need to be fully designed. This saved a lot of time and prevented the scope creep we sometimes see from ambitious design. Wire-framing and UI design sessions became an almost daily collaborative exercise between Vodafone stakeholders, designers and developers.

Vodafone Labs has received extremely positive feedback from key stakeholders at Vodafone. Jon Davies, Head of Digital, Vodafone UK, commented: “The content and messages on our new site represent our big ambition to be a leader across our industry and beyond. Transforming what we deliver and how we deliver is at the centre of Vodafone Labs. Feedback from inside and outside the business has been fantastic and we are looking forward to continuing the story of digital Innovation in Vodafone.”

Visitors to the Vodafone Labs site can explore the latest Vodafone initiatives that utilise cutting edge technology. These include TOBi, the first live chatbot in UK telecoms, and new voice authentication services which are being tested using Amazon’s Alexa. For prospective candidates, the site provides an introduction to the digital team, along with current vacancies.

Our partnership with Vodafone began last year when we were brought in to support and coach the Vodafone UK Digital team throughout their Agile transformation. We are currently working with them on many other digital customer service initiatives. It’s incredibly exciting to work with a team that is harnessing new technologies to align with today’s digital customer − something we are passionate about at MMT Digital.

Check out Vodafone Labs and explore some of Vodafone’s latest digital innovations.



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