Ilesh Mistry becomes a Kentico MVP

Written by Ilesh Mistry
July 23rd 2014

2 minute read

A Kentico MVP, is a person who provides back to the community, sharing their Kentico knowledge and someone who helps fellow Kentico developers and Kentico employees. Contributing to the community is essential for a Kentico MVP.

To find out more about Kentico MVP's have a read through this Kentico MVP page.

For me it is a great honour to be awarded this by Kentico and to join the existing Kentico MVPs, who I have the upmost respect for. They are Brian McKeiverBryan Soltis and Jeroen Fürst, all of which have provided a massive amount back to us all in the Kentico community and don't forget to check out their blog posts.

What's next?

For me it is important to keep learning. I have lots to learn still in Kentico and as it is always improving, the greatest thing for me is that I will always be learning about new ways to do things in Kentico.

Sharing my knowledge and experiences to the Kentico community is something I enjoy doing, so look out for more blog posts soon.

It is also great to see what other Kentico developers are up to and their experiences with Kentico.

The Kentico Connection, in Prague this year, is not too far away now and I will be attending. This will be my first Kentico Connection since being awarded MVP status and I hope to see everyone there! It is an awesome experience speaking to fellow developers, partners and Kentico. The sessions that are put on by Kentico are excellent.

Another thing I am passionate about is pushing Kentico further and working with Kentico to do this. So I will be assisting where and when I can.

Thank You

I would like to say thanks to the following people/groups :-

  1. Kentico community and fellow Kentico MVP's

  2. Kentico for honouring me with this award

  3. MMT Digital for their full support

  4. Finally to my wife, Roshni Mistry, for putting up with me talking about Kentico 24/7 :)!

Ok that's it from me, I am really happy to be awarded Kentico MVP status! Thank you Kentico. 

Useful links
Kentico MVP Program
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