Inside Kentico Version 8 - Sneak Peak

Written by Ilesh Mistry
January 19th 2014

5 minute read

A quick overview at some of the new features to look out for when Kentico Version 8 is released!

Ok I am guessing you are all as excited as I am and eager to see what's new in Kentico Version 8! 

I have been looking into the second milestone of Version 8 and have listed a few new features to look out for when the new version is released. 

Improved User Interface

Kentico have spent some time on this with user journies, testing and really provided the new change from Version 7 some clever thought.Tadeáš Kubát, the UX Designer at Kentico, has provided an introduction video for this latest version

A sneak peak of the user interface was shown at the Kentico Connection 2013 - London. As mentioned in my previous post regarding the event I was excited to see the new changes at the UX stand and also to start using it myself. 

So as you can see the user interface has changed dramatically.

Let's look at some of the new features in this version. 

Where is the CMS Desk and Site Manager? 

A new change in Version 8 is that there will not be CMS Desk and Site Manager, everything will be viewed from the one interface. 

Using the search bar, you can go to the relevant sections/modules. You need to click on the small Kentico logo in the top left and then the Search bar would appear with the Modules you have available to you. 

It might take some adjustments to get used to, as we are so used using the CMS Desk and Site Manager functionality, but it does look very easy to use.

If you do not want to use the search, then you can click on the menu headings to expand the area you want.


The Clean Look

The top bar with navigation and controls look a lot slicker and with a clean interface it looks like Kentico are only showing what they need to, removing any unwanted space. 

The navigation on the top indicates the page you are on, making it easy to go back using the breacrumb like links.

Edit, Preview and List mode buttons are easy to use. I feel Kentico have really made use of the space they have and increased the area for the content. 

Apply workflow to documents anywhere in the tree

What you can do in this version is you can apply a workflow to a document by simply clicking on the document and selecting the Apply workflow button

Now this is really useful if you have a workflow set up and want to only apply it to certain documents without having to go somewhere to do this. It also provides the Kentico CMS user complete flexibility and control on which documents they want to set workflow on. 

Improved Web Part grouping 

A new feature in version 8 is that the right hand panel in Design mode, you can see a list of web parts that could be used. The web parts are now nicely grouped and easy to use.

This is a really nice touch from Kentico, some of these smaller important updates are really useful for the user. 

Show me more

We all want to see what more is in this new version, so I will write another post really soon with some more interesting and cool new features that will be available in Kentico version 8 :)!

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