Inside Kentico Version 8 - Deeper look

Written by Ilesh Mistry
January 21st 2014

5 minute read

Looking into the latest milestone for Kentico version 8, I wanted to show more! 

So along with the post about Kentico version 8 sneak peak I wrote the other day, here are some more useful features for this new version, which will be out soon. 

Copying web parts and widgets


I can't count the number of times I wanted to copy web parts and/or widgets with their settings from one page template to another. Plus the amount of time this wasted.

Well guess what? We don't have to wait long for this because the new version of Kentico will make it really easy for use to copy web parts and/or widgets from one page template to another :)!!!

This is one of the best features in this latest version from Kentico. Already people are talkng about it, including Kentico MVP Jeroen Furst, have a read of his post about the Top 8 content management features for version 8. Great post Jeroen :)!

It is really easy to use, just have a look at the screen shots below. 

The time this useful feature will save will be massively appreciated by all developers of Kentico CMS sites around the world. 

Form Builder


Forms in previous versions of Kentico were difficult for some clients to manage themselves, but now you have the Form Builder. This change is massive, when I first saw this at the Kentico Connection 2013 - London, I was truly amazed and could clearly see how easy it could managed by clients.

To all the Kentico CMS Form Builders out there, your going to love this!

Along with this, something I have just noticed is that the form layout previously did not have this, but now it has an option to make the layout of the form either HTML format or ASCX format.

This new peice of functionality is also available for the Layout tab on Custom Tables and Document Types. 



The Smart Search has also an improvement to it and now you can do a Fuzzy search if the Search Mode is 'Any word' and the 'Typo tolerant search' is ticked. 



While using Kentico, when your in different areas there is a Help bar, that allows you to get more information about that section, there are How to guides, a direct link to the documentation for that section and a chance to request a new feature using the Kentico User Voice. 

This will prove really handy when working in Kentico as it will help us improve with immediate help and help Kentico improve further with potential changes and feature requests. A win win situation :) !



Here you can see module icons that would prove most useful to you. To access the Dashboard, you would need to use the home icon in the top bar. 

Then you would be presented with the icons of the modules that have been assigned to you. This is done using the UI Personalization and modules shown below are assigned to your role.

A great new feature for handy access.

How can I see areas that should only be for Admin users? 


So this is one of the things we will need to get used to with this new version. As the navigation menu on the left will show everything available. Using UI Personalization and setting the appropriate permissions for the different roles will enable the differences, you can set between the different roles within your Kentico CMS site. 

The left navigation menu lists everything. 

So you can see what would need to be shown and hidden for the different roles on the site. The items marked with '(global)', will help distinguish between what what previously a module that appeared in both CMS Desk and Site Manager. Along with this and other common Site Manager specific modules you can assign the appropriate modules to the roles. 

Kentico Version 8 is going to be a big change for Kentico CMS users and developers around the world, who are so used to the current user interface, CMS Desk and Site Manager. One thing we can clearly see is that Kentico always seem to push their CMS further with what they have produced so far. This is still not the final update, as we are still on milestone 2 and Kentico, as we speak, are still working on improvements and are going to make this version the best yet!