Kentico Site Delivery Checklist

Written by Ilesh Mistry
February 21st 2016

4 minute read

Why Kentico Site Delivery Checklist?

Well for me, this is something I thought was lacking online, so I thought I should share it as I know that there are a lot of Kentico sites that get delivered, where the clients have not been satisfied.

Client satisfaction is essential when we deliver Kentico sites, not alone for the company we work for, but also for the awesome CMS we love, Kentico. It all helps in increasing brand awareness and being able to make sure we provide a fully content managed solution to our providers.

I also presented at the Kentico Connection Brno regarding this topic.

With this all said, I now present you with the Kentico Site Delivery Checklist.

The Checklist

Here is the Kentico Site Delivery Checklist for you to download

The checklist covers the following topics...

  • UI Admin

  • EMS

  • Front End

  • IIS

  • URLs & SEO

  • Performance

  • Caching

  • Testing

  • Security

  • Status Checks

  • Training / Documentation [added to v1.1]

If you want me to change or add anything that is missing from this list, then just drop me an email with your suggestions

The Contributors

I would like to thank the following for contributing to this list.

MMT Digital
Discover IT
Jeroen Furst (Kentico MVP)
Brian McKeiver (Kentico MVP)
Brenden Kehren (Kentico MVP)
Andy Thompson (Kentico MVP)