MMT Digital unveils new online portal for Gresham House to boost investor engagement

December 19th 2017

3 minute read

This article was originally published on The Drum Network.

Specialist asset management group Gresham House has launched a new, proprietary online portal designed to provide a personalised digital experience for investors and clients.

The portal, developed by MMT Digital, will enable clients to access deal by deal co-investment opportunities in a structured and simple manner. Users will have access to information on the underlying assets, including appraisal and investment papers where available, allowing them the discretion to increase their investment into the regions, sectors or deals specific to their interests.

As well as facilitating co-investment opportunities, the portal will provide a portfolio monitoring and reporting service and a secure platform for client communication to help enhance its client service proposition.

Andrew Hampshire, chief technology officer of Gresham House, said: “As a Group, we want to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing a best in class digital experience for investors. The consumer sector has traditionally been on the front foot when it comes to innovative user engagement and is better at meeting the digital needs of its clients. As a result, we were keen to partner with MMT Digital, who have an outstanding track record in this regard and could bring their design expertise and agile approach to our sector with great effect.”

Ian Stanton, client services director at MMT Digital, said: “The new portal we’ve delivered will enable Gresham House to cater to its digital savvy customer base in an industry that has been traditionally slow to embrace digital. Our agile approach meant that we could quickly adapt and incorporate investor feedback as the project developed, to ensure we delivered the best possible solution."


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