Where are Document Types in Kentico 8.1?

Written by Ilesh Mistry
August 13th 2014

3 minute read

I can't find the Document Types?

If you have started to look at Kentico 8.1 and are looking for Kentico Document Types, then you might be a little puzzled, just like I was. As you won't find them in the admin area if you search for Document Types.

You might be asking...

Where are they then?

Why can't I see them?

I need Document Types for my site, stop hidding it from me!

Stay calm and relax!

Don't worry they still exist in Kentico and have not been removed. They have changed from being called Document Types to Page Types. So you will need to search for 'Page types' when you start using Kentico 8.1. 

When you navigate around in Kentico, you will no longer see the term Document Types, instead you will see and need to start using Page Types. 

That's the front end changes. 

For the back end side of things in terms of API, you will still be using document type references, but this will change when Kentico progress it in future versions/releases. 

I have explained just one improvement Kentico have introduced in Kentico 8.1, there are many more. 

Tell me more about Kentico 8.1

Kentico are releasing quarterly releases to their amazing CMS, Kentico 8. This is a different process compared to how they used to have it, which was 1-2 year major release cycle.

The next Kentico release, Kentico 8.1, is due August 22nd 2014. Kentico are always looking to push their CMS further and they will be releasing some really great features in this next update. This is very exciting for Kentico developers/users around the world. 

If you want to know more about what is going to be in this new release you must have a look at some of the posts currently out there regarding Kentico 8.1. 

There are some Kentico posts / articles
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A blog post from Brian McKeiver - Kentico MVP 
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A blog post from Bryan Soltis - Kentico MVP
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Can I try it?

Yeah sure, you can download Kentico 8.1 Beta using this link. Remember this is just a beta version and the licence will run out before the release. If you noticed anything or have any feedback, remember to let Kentico know.

So there you have it, Kentico is progressing and improving! The next release is not too long for us to wait and start using the new features.