Webinar Recap: Digital Agility - how to survive in a time of crisis

April 29th 2020

1 minute read

When the world is as unpredictable as it is now and things are changing fast, companies need to be agile – and be able to respond quickly. They also need to be resilient – withstanding the changes whilst continuing to provide value to their customers.  

In our latest webinar, we looked at how digital technology has become the key enabler to survival in these challenging times.  

The session, presented by our Head of Experience Design, Gareth Sully and our Technical Account Director, Phil King gave attendees key insights into how they can: 

  • get products and services to market quickly by combining technology, experience design and lean product delivery 

  • scale services in response to rapid market changes whilst continuing to focus on customer value 

  • ensure your digital infrastructure can support your business ambitions as you begin your accelerated journey 

You can view a recording of the webinar here


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