The Agile Inspiration Workshop

The Agile Inspiration Workshop is a highly interactive, enjoyable, team building session that can help new teams on the road to truly agile development practices or be a great “re-boot” for mature agile teams looking for inspiration.

Benefits of attending

The day will help to draw out any current frustrations within your organisations around digital product development. The interactive sessions will provide insights into how to move forwards with a more agile approach or to refine existing agile processes.

It is a great way to help improve collaboration and communication across different teams and stakeholders within an organisation and will help with top-down buy-in for agile delivery through the discussion of different governance models that can be applied to your project and organisation. E.g. is PRINCE2 Agile right for your projects or is a Lean Start-up approach more suitable?

The day is an enjoyable team building session in itself which provides a number of benefits in its own right.

Who should attend?

The workshop is aimed at a full range of job roles involved in the delivery of digital projects and with varying levels of Agile experience. Having a mix of roles present helps to improve communications and understanding across those individuals and teams. Some of the job roles of previous attendees include:

Project Management Office members
Business Analysts
Web or Intranet Managers
Heads of Digital or Online teams
Heads of Marketing and Executives

“Thanks so much for running the workshop – it was pitched perfectly. We all got a lot out of it and feedback has been universally positive. We’re already talking about repeating it for the teams that missed out.”

Activities and outputs

The session includes a range of activities that we use on a daily basis to help drive success on agile projects, so they all have a practical application and some powerful learnings and takeaways. Some of the key activities that we will run during the workshop include:

Retrospective Retrospective A group retrospective to draw out current frustrations (and positives!) of the current ways of working
Agile methodologies Agile methodologies A presentation to provide an overview of Agile, tips on “moving beyond the mechanics” of agile methodologies and a discussion on agile project governance models.
Agile MVP Game Agile MVP Game An interactive, purpose built board game simulating an agile project delivery.
The Tennis Ball Challenge The Tennis Ball Challenge The Tennis Ball Challenge - a session which helps enforce the power of spending time improving your processes.
Offing the offsite customer Offing the offsite customer A great activity to demonstrate the power and importance of good communication between teams.
Practical benefits Practical benefits Debrief and a final exercise to draw out the key learnings and to define actions that can be put in place.

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