Agile Transformation

Agile transformation sits at the heart of digital transformation: enabling speed to market, enhancing value to your customers and driving innovation. Our world-class agile processes, training and measurement frameworks can supercharge your agile transformation.

Agile Coaching and Training

We’ve helped companies at every stage of their agile transformation journey. We have a range of tailored programmes–such as our interactive agile board game, practical workshops and SAFe training–to embed an organisation-wide agile culture.

CASE STUDY: Vodafone - supporting enterprise agile transformation to drive value and innovation

Increasing Agile Team Productivity

Our agile transformation experts deliver workshops at the team, product, portfolio and organisational level to give measurable insights to help you become an agile and innovative business.

We use Agility Health Radars to provide insight based actions so your teams can see their improvements and areas of weakness over time.

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Enabling Rapid Innovation

Our in-house Innovation Group can help ensure your teams understand how to get the best out of emerging technologies using strategies and technical architectures that enable rapid innovation.

CASE STUDY: Building Vodafone Labs
OPINION: Six Recommendations for Creating an Innovation Culture


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