Kentico Xperience Audit

A comprehensive review of your implementation of Kentico Xperience by a leading accredited and trusted Kentico partner to help you achieve a greater return on your investment

Why conduct a Kentico Xperience Audit?

Any digital experience platform can be implemented poorly and Kentico Xperience is no exception. A poor  implementation can significantly impede your digital roadmap and reduce the ROI you expect from your solution. The audit will quickly help you to understand where the problems lie and provide you with recommendations for addressing these problems.


The audit is a comprehensive assessment of your implementation of Kentico Xperience conducted by the team at MMT Digital, reviewing all aspects of the implementation against Kentico and industry-approved best practices:

  • Project Basics
  • CMS & UI Implementation
  • Custom Code & Integrations
  • Security & Data Protection
  • Performance
  • Online marketing
  • Testing Configuration
  • Monitoring
  • Deployment & Infrastructure

Working from local instances of the code base and the platform, the team at MMT Digital will conduct the audit and report back with our findings and recommendations – with both a written report and a presentation to key stakeholders.

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  • An impartial review of the implementation which clearly identifies areas for improvement
  • A clear understanding of the short to long-term impacts of your current implementation
  • Can be run at any stage – during development or post-launch
  • A prioritised set of recommendations to provide you with a clear roadmap


A global medical device manufacturer came to us to understand the impact of their current implementation on their future roadmap. The audit helped them to understand the issues within their current implementation that would not only hamper progress with the roadmap but also prevent them from deriving full value from their investment. The findings highlighted a clear and practical approach to rectify those issues and help them move forward to achieve their goals.

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Director of Growth

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