Headless Assessment

Our Headless Assessment is a comprehensive and impartial review of your digital landscape as well an analysis of your current CMS and user journeys by our team of experts to determine whether a headless CMS is right for your business.

A headless CMS can bring a whole host of benefits to an organisation, from reduced operating costs through to increased flexibility and scalability. By decoupling content production from back end systems, you can focus on delivering exceptional digital experiences at speed and scale, leveraging current and future technologies. To successfully deliver a headless solution however, a strong technical vision is essential. Without this in place from the beginning, the implementation may fail, and benefits of the approach may not be realised.  

Our headless assessment will quickly help you to understand your challenges, assess the feasibility of going headless and provide you with recommendations so that you can make an informed decision and create a strategy for success. 


Our team of architects and strategists will conduct a comprehensive review of your digital landscape against a set of seven key criteria: 

  • Customer 

  • Technology 

  • Data 

  • Infrastructure 

  • Licencing 

  • Employees 

  • Cost of Ownership 

We will work with you to gain a high-level understanding of your current CMS and any adjoining technologies and systems to identify key challenges and pain points, unearth dependencies and expose key areas for improvement.  

Starting with an initial workshop, our team will pull together an assessment of your current digital ecosystem against traditional and headless options, reporting back with their findings and recommendations – with both a written report and a presentation to key stakeholders. 

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  • Understand key challenges and dependencies of your current digital landscape
  • Learn the short and long-term impacts of your current implementation on your digital strategy
  • Receive expert recommendations for a headless approach that be used when commissioning RFPs or proposals for digital projects
  • Get a prioritised set of recommendations to provide you with a clear roadmap to transition to a headless architecture


A UK-based membership organisation was concerned by decreasing member engagement and an increase in unnecessary operational costs. They came to us to understand how to revitalise their digital presence and better serve its members.  

Our Headless Assessment resulted in a decision to adopt a headless CMS along with a digital strategy that enabled them to reduce infrastructure and operational costs while providing a faster and more scalable solution, designed to take advantage of the channels most valued by its members. 

If you'd like to understand whether a headless approach is right for your organisation, please get in touch with Nick. 

Nick Rudd
Director of Growth

+44 7540 470305