Digital Sustainability Audit

Understand and reduce the carbon footprint of your digital products and discover the commercial benefits.

As customers continue to focus their attention on the environmental impact of their online purchasing decisions, being able to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of your digital products is becoming increasingly important. But with emissions spread over trillions of online transactions each year, how do you even begin to understand them?

Our Digital Sustainability Audit combines analysis of your technology setup, infrastructure and customer experience to give you a complete picture of the carbon footprint of your digital products. We'll provide you with a stratgegy to make reductions and communicate those to your customers.

How does it work?

  • Measurement: we spot check key areas of your platform for an overview of your emissions, or we help you add specialist analytics tools to delve even deeper.
  • Technical Audit​: we analyse webpages and backend systems that support your digital products to get a more detailed picture of their emissions.  
  • Infrastructure Audit: inefficient processing and data transfer is often linked to high carbon emissions, we analyse a number of factors here and look for improvements that can be made across hosting, caching and general setup.    
  • UX Audit: we make recommendations about the UX and design of your platforms that could have a big impact on reducing their carbon footprint, whilst minimising any losses in overall user experience.    
  • Conclusions and Recommendations: we present our findings and recommendations back to you and help you create a strategy to reduce your carbon footprint and reap the commercial benefits, from improved brand perception to better performance and increased conversions. 

The Benefits

  • Understand the carbon footprint of your digital products and benchmark against competitors.
  • Get detailed recommendations to help you create a strategy to reduce emissions.
  • Get the tools and analytics that will enable you to report to your customers on the savings they have made by interacting with your lower emission platforms – improving brand perception.
  • Improve the speed and performance of your digital products, by making them more sustainable, and create better customer experiences that lead to higher conversion rates.

To find out how our Digital Sustainability Audit can help you understand and reduce the digital carbon footprint of your business, get in touch with Nick to arrange an introductory call.

Nick Rudd
Director of Growth

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