Agile Audit

Our agile audit enables companies to understand the maturity of their agile transformation journey through our expert analysis across teams, processes, technology and culture. Whether a simple scrum team or an enterprise engineering team running SAFe, our audit is focussed on finding efficiency gains as well as helping you drive up the efficacy of your output


Agile fails, or struggles to deliver optimally for many reasons. Sub-optimal team practices, culture or governance can fail to produce high performing teams. Technology constraints can hinder the journey towards Continuous Delivery and a DevOps culture. And organisational silos or financial constraints can be a barrier for the successful rollout of a scaled agile implementation. 

Over 20 years, MMT Digital have run hundreds of successful agile deliveries and provided collaborative coaching from technical teams to the C-suite. The audit is a great way to provide an external view on specific challenges or just general areas for improvements, and delivers clear recommendations that can be measured and iterated upon.


Whilst adaptable depending on a specific clients level of agile maturity and scale, the audit works in 2 key stages and focusses across 3 key areas. The first stage is an observation phase where our agile consultants work with,observe and interview key team members. From Product Owners and Scrum Masters within the team to more senior stakeholders (Senior Product Managers, Heads of Digital or IT and the C-suite) as well as technical leads (developers, architects and infrastructure / DevOps) we spend time across the teams. If part of a review of a scaled process such as SAFe then the ideal period for the observation is around the time that P.I. Planning (or equivalent) is carried out.

The focus areas are:

  • Team performance (best practices, culture / environment, leadership, backlog management and governance processes)

  • Technology (Architectural vision, Infrastructure / DevOps culture to enable Continuous Delivery, use of data and analytics to drive the efficacy of the program)

  • Scale (use of frameworks such as SAFe, LeSS, Scrum @ Scale or other, understanding of value streams to fund and drive backlogs, organisational structure and culture).

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  • A lean but highly effective and impartial review of your current agile transformation or agile team’s best practices
  • A prioritised set of recommendations to provide you with a clear roadmap
  • Increase your output through quick-wins to ensure you have high-performing agile teams
  • An efficient, scaled agile implementation
  • Increased confidence in your technology vision and your ability to rapidly iterate towards it with modern Continuous Delivery approach
  • Ensure that your teams are focussed on efficacy through good use of data and effective integration of UX teams
  • Backed up by teams that can collaboratively help you improve in all of the above areas should you need it

The output

  • A detailed report documenting all observations along with an impact and effort based prioritisation system to help structure the recommendations. A two hour play back session to run through the key findings.
  • Further audits can be used to measure or monitor improvements to collaboratively drive your agile transformation forwards.
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