Kentico Teams up with Ucommerce to Offer Enterprise Level E-commerce

Written by Rick Madigan
July 13th 2017

4 minutes read

Kentico has announced a new technology partnership with Ucommerce, a leading platform for content and commerce. The partnership will allow Kentico to provide organisations with stronger, enterprise-level e-commerce capabilities.

An introduction to Ucommerce

Since its beginnings in 2009, Ucommerce has become a global organisation with offices in the US, Europe and Australia and over 3,000 customers worldwide. Its product is a leading .NET-based commerce-first platform that seamlessly integrates with content management platforms and with ERP systems through its “uConnector”. It is highly customisable, meaning it can be shaped to suit even the most specific of needs, resulting in amazing buying experiences for customers.   

Why have Kentico chosen Ucommerce?

In order to meet the e-commerce demands of large multinational organisations, Kentico needed to extend its offering to go beyond what is currently achievable. Although the Kentico e-commerce solution is more than sufficient for small to medium-sized businesses, when it comes to larger organisations, there are greater, more specific needs to be met. This is where Ucommerce comes in as its open and extendable model is designed to grow with the needs of a business.

The enterprise edition of Ucommerce compliments Kentico’s own e-commerce solution. Alongside the features that Kentico already boasts (bundles, discounts, donations, online payments, reports, etc.), Ucommerce introduces more complex variations on these features as well as product reviews, faceted search, audit trails, multiple price points, split shipments/payments and refunds to name a few. We’re still waiting to see the final list of features but you can be sure that this will be a significant step forward for Kentico in the e-commerce space.  

How will the partnership work?

Kentico’s own e-commerce solution will still be available, however users will have the option to replace it with a Kentico-specific solution offered by Ucommerce. The solution will be  seamlessly integrated into Kentico CMS and EMS and will adopt the Kentico user interface, making it user friendly and easy to manage.

On top of Kentico’s own support services, project teams will get access to their very own consultant, or “buddy”, a core member of the Ucommerce development team who knows the product inside and out. Kentico prides itself on setting high standards through the use of the Kentico Quality Audit so it is heartening to see this same level of attention and detail from the Ucommerce team.

The partnership is a huge step forward for Kentico. As a Gold Partner agency, we’re really excited to see how it will take the platform’s e-commerce offering to the next level and look forward to seeing the integration with the release of Kentico 11 in November this year.