Increasing average donations by 36.4% with a fully accessible website.

The brief...

Scope wanted a web platform that would be able to help deliver their business objectives and play an important role in specific marketing campaigns.

They wanted to maximise user experience on multiple devices, create an efficient content management workflow and ensure that the website was accessible to the WCAG AA standard, offering a high standard of usability to disabled people.

It was also imperative that Scope were able to create new web pages when needed, such as for their “End The Awkward” marketing campaign.

What we did...

We built the site on the CMS platform Kentico using content-centric responsive web design to ensure that the site works on all existing and future devices.

In order to allow Scope to create pages when they needed for their marketing campaigns, we built a number of widgets. Scope were then able to select a combination of widgets to build a page.

Scope have a number of departments who contribute content to their website. In order to manage this effectively, we set up a process within the CMS platform that involved certain members of the digital team being emailed when content needing checking before being published.

To ensure high accessibility standards, we worked with a specialised testing agency called Shaw Trust. They used a combination of technical, automated and manual tests (by a team of disabled people), to identify accessibility issues.

Scope website running inside an iPad

The results...

The immediate return on investment for Scope was very well received by the charity as well as our project team. To complement the successful conversion data was the level of accessibility that we were able to achieve without sacrificing design.

“Thank you for all the hard work over the past months to ensure our website launched on time. It looks fantastic! We’ve really appreciated the honest, transparent and open collaboration we’ve shared throughout the project.”

Scope website running inside an iPhone