We created a highly technical solution that underpins many of Pearson’s digital products.

The brief...

Pearson is the world’s leading education company and technology underpins everything they do. Providing students and teachers with engaging educational experiences is a top priority for Pearson.

They wanted to develop a tool that would provide a more interactive experience for their online learning tool, ActiveTeach. Utilising audio, video and interactive tests were just a few of their requirements.

It was also important for Pearson that the tool created would be compatible for mobiles and tablets.

What we did...

We created a JavaScript app called ActiveText. It allows Pearson to have pixel perfect representations of their printed books with loads of interactive features to enhance a user’s experience.

ActiveText allows users to play audio to hear a word spoken, get definitions of words on the page, take part in online tests and play videos. These are just a few of the product’s features, there are far too many to list them all!

We also made the product accessible as it is marked up for screen-readers.

In terms of integration, ActiveText integrates with delivery platforms via API and SCORM interfaces.

We incorporated the Agile Manifesto for this project. The daily contact between both companies ensured complete transparency.

Pearson website running inside an iPad

The results...

ActiveText was initially built for the ActiveTeach product, that we also created, but due to its success it has subsequently been used for 8 additional digital products within Pearson’s portfolio. 

Pearson website running inside a MacBook