Hodder Education

Creating an e-commerce website for one of the biggest educational publishers in the UK.

The brief...

Hodder Education are one of our longest standing clients. We have created a number of digital products and websites for Hodder over many years. Hodder’s latest project consisted of improving the look and feel of their website which included improving the layout and search functionality, making it fully responsive and implementing a user friendly e-commerce platform.

As well as being able to sell textbooks Hodder also wanted their website to integrate with their Dynamic Learning product which was using a separate CRM. They also wanted to capitalise on the invaluable customer data that can be generated from a website for marketing purposes.

What we did...

We created original designs focussing on dramatically improving usability and incorporating content-centric responsive web design.

By focussing on the content rather than current devices on the market we have ensured that the website will not only look and work perfectly on all existing devices but also on devices that haven’t even been invented yet!

Integrating with Dynamic Learning was not an issue as a result of Kentico’s hospitable nature to 3rd party systems and our experience of such tasks.

By using Kentico EMS we were able to provide Hodder with more customer data than they originally envisaged.

The Hodder marketing department are now able to make use of A/B Testing, Lead Scoring, Personalisation, Marketing Automation and Multivariate Testing.

Hodder Education website running inside a MacBook

The results...

Since our new solution was released, the positive impact upon visitor behaviour on Hodder’s corporate website has been excellent which has led to an increase in conversions. This is just one of many projects we have worked on with Hodder which include their e-learning platform Dynamic Learning.

“Working with MMT Digital has been a fantastic experience. MMT Digital have enabled us to recoup our investment and move into profit within a timescale unprecedented in this industry.”

Hodder Education website running inside an iPhone