Dynamic Learning

Enhancing the possibilities for teachers and students with this sophisticated e-learning product.

The brief...

Hodder Education is the 2nd largest secondary school publisher in the UK. They wanted to redesign and redevelop their digital learning product, Dynamic Learning (DL), which we first built back in 2008 and have implemented several upgrades to since.

Hodder wanted to make DL more intuitive and easy to navigate. They also had lots of new features they wanted to implement such as personalised dashboards for students and lesson building functionality.

Hodder also wanted to optimise the product for tablets.

What we did...

The stunning new design of DL means that the product is intuitive and easy to navigate, with easy to find features and instant access to the titles of content that an institution has subscribed to.

The unique lesson builder within the product allows teachers to create lessons from the material within the titles, or from their own material, and to then share it with teachers and students. It is also possible to monitor pupil progress by assigning tests and assessments, utilising resources within the product to act as reference points.

Teachers can manage the students within the solution and control what those students have access to.

Students themselves have their own personalised view to see and manage the work that has been assigned to them and view their results.

We moved a number of features from flash to JavaScript to ensure tablet optimisation.

Dynamic Learning website running inside an Android tablet

The results...

The Dynamic Learning product has significantly increased the possibilities for teachers to manage their classes, assign work and grade tests. This has subsequently enhanced the learning opportunities for their pupils and students.

“Working with MMT Digital has been a fantastic experience. Moving into the fast-paced digital world has its challenges but MMT Digital have provided workable solutions for our e-learning products that have enabled us to recoup our investment and move into profit within a timescale unprecedented in this industry.”

Dynamic Learning website running inside an iPad