We worked with the BBC to create the award winning language learning app, Quickstart.


Bespoke Applications

The brief...

BBC Active and MMT Digital joined forces to build a series of apps for the highly regarded Quickstart series of language learning CD-ROMS.

With an incredible amount of competition, BBC Active were determined to have a product that stood out from the crowd.

MMT Digital and BBC Active decided that to make the most of the Quickstart content the app needed to be targeted towards holiday makers to learn new phrases before and during their holiday.

The app needed to be fun and interactive whilst also being educational.

What we did...

We created lots of interactive features, fun activities and quizzes to help the user learn the language and ensure the app stood out from the crowd.

Learning a new language can be daunting so to help get users started we developed a tool that provides introductory language needed for the start of a conversation with the option for subtitles. A step-by-step guide is then given to everything that has been heard.

We implimented functionality that allowed the user to not only get the translation of the word of phrase but they are also taught the correct grammar and word association.

Another great feature of the app is the ability for users to record themselves speaking the language then listen to a native speaker for comparison.

All of these feature, plus a lot more, make it fun and easy to track progress.

BBC Active Quickstart language app running inside an iPhone

The results...

By occupying a space in two very competitive markets, phone apps and foreign language learning tools, it was always going to be difficult for Quickstart to get an audience. This has made the success of the product even more pleasing for both ourselves and BBC Active.

"MMT Digital’s expertise in educational publishing and the app market made it easy to choose them to build our apps and provide consultancy."

BBC Active Quickstart language app running inside an iPhone