We helped BACARDÍ launch their biggest ever rebranding campaign.

The brief...

BACARDÍ were about to undergo the biggest rebranding strategy in the company’s 150 year history. The focal point of their now famous “Untameable Since 1862” campaign was to be the website.

BACARDÍ wanted to showcase their rich history and emphasise the heritage of the brand. The content of the website and how it was presented was critical for communicating the image BACARDÍ wished for.

With a timescale of just 6 weeks MMT Digital had a massive challenge to get this fully responsive Kentico website finished in time for the campaign launch.

What we did...

In the highly competitive beverage industry in which BACARDÍ sits, content marketing plays a vital role in the success of a brand.

We integrated rich content, including high definition images, animated gifs, audio and video, into parallax pages without sacrificing load times.

Ensuring that BACARDÍ’s target audience would have the same outstanding user experience no matter what device they were using was imperative to the success of the project.

To achieve this we implemented content-centric responsive web design.

By focussing on the content rather than current devices on the market we have ensured that the website will not only look and work perfectly on all existing devices but also on devices that haven’t even been invented yet!

BACARDÍ website running inside a MacBook

The results...

BACARDÍ are delighted with how their new website perfectly encapsulates their desired brand image and compliments all of their other marketing activity for the “Untameable Since 1862” campaign such as TV adverts and music event sponsorship.

“Thank you all! Herculean sized efforts by all of you in order to deliver a fantastic site against the odds in an incredibly compressed timeline. A real demonstration of how true passion can’t be tamed!”

BACARDÍ website running inside an iPhone and a iPad