Corporate website and global roll out for one of the biggest pharma companies in the world.

The brief...

Allergan is a multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical company with a global presence. They wanted a complete redesign of their corporate website before creating country specific websites for a global roll out.

They needed to be able to communicate effectively with a range of users, including investors, healthcare professionals, patients and the media whilst delivering an excellent user experience across all devices. 

What we did...

We created a Kentico web platform for that was significantly more modern, both in terms of design and technology. The site is fully responsive and we used graceful degradation techniques to ensure backwards compatibility with older browsers, going as far back as IE9.
To keep the website up to date with all financial and investor related news we implemented a seamless integration with Thomson Reuters that analyses multiple feeds to pull through all relevant information. 
We used localisation techniques to cater to Allergan’s global presence by developing generic styles and templates, alongside country vocabulary sets and country settings to allow for a smooth initial roll out and future updates. The existing website resided on a legacy hosting platform which made it difficult to scale effectively. To combat this, we moved the entire web estate to Microsoft Azure to enable it to cope with spikes in traffic.

The ease in which Allergan can now manage their web platform is due to our use of widgets and document types. These tools have been applied throughout the website thus giving confidence to the content editors at Allergan in terms of managing site content.

Allergan website running inside an Android tablet

The results...

Working with a company with such a huge global reach has its own exciting challenges. From our global rollout strategy to the implementation of sophisticated online marketing tools, the solutions that we created achieved all of Allergan’s requirements.

"MMT Digital displayed excellent communication, co-creation and project management skills. They went the extra mile to meet our requests and challenged us with alternative solutions to ensure that we always got the best possible result."

Allergan website running inside an iPhone