AEG Powertools

Increasing engagement for AEG Powertools with a fully redesigned website.

The brief...

The AEG Powertools brand is part of the TTi Group and they have been developing electric tools for over 100 years. They offer professional, user innovative, powerful solutions and are leaders in new product development.

The existing AEG Powertools website was in need of a complete transformation in order to better showcase their product range, improve their content management capabilities and enable them to improve their web presence.

They also needed to be able to push products to the site from their Product management system and improve the poor performance they were seeing across the sites.

In terms of hosting, the website needed to be migrated onto Amazon Web Services (AWS) in line with the digital strategy that TTi had in place to consolidate their hosting onto a single platform.

What we did...

We completely reimagined the website in terms of both design and information architecture and created a new Kentico platform. We introduced a clear navigation and product structure within a responsive framework, to provide an excellent user experience across all devices. Sophisticated search functionality has been added to ensure maximum exposure of the product range.

Due to our experience with Amazon Web Services, we were able to make adoption of this new technology for TTi a simple process. We also seamlessly integrated the website with the centralised product information management system used by TTi, Agility MultiChannel PIM, so that all product data on the site can be dynamically updated as required.

As part of the content strategy for the website, we incorporated product videos to improve search rankings and increase visits to the website through Google searches for products. The inclusion of the videos, along with the impactful imagery used creates an engaging user experience which effectively promotes the brand.

We also implemented Kentico EMS onto the website so that AEG Powertools can now utilise sophisticated marketing tools such as marketing automation and content personalisation to help them maximise conversions.

The AEG Powertools website within a Macbook

“The team as a whole picked up the baton of an unloved website and gave it the focus and attention it needed to make it the best Powertools website in the industry (in my humble opinion).”