Drupal 8 is here!

Written by Hayley Bayliss
November 23rd 2015

3 minute read

Here at MMT Digital we are celebrating the release of Drupal 8! The new update went live on Thursday and is the biggest in Drupal’s history with over 200 new features and improvements. It’s now easier to create content, the built in themes are all responsively designed and it’s now available in 100 languages!

Built by the Drupal community, this is the update we’ve all been waiting for. More than 4,500 people, companies, and organisations contributed their time, experience, and imagination - over 5 years! As a certified Acquia (software that integrates with Drupal) partner, we can’t wait to start using it.

So what are we most excited about? With so many new features, we decided to pick our favourites.

Integrations made easy

Drupal 8 acts as the backbone for the external applications that a project needs. It’s also great for integrating with marketing automation tools, meaning you can make the most of that all important customer data. Email campaigns can be sent from a Drupal site and you can post to social media platforms, this is a brilliant way to keep your branding and messaging consistent across all online platforms. It’s also a huge time saver!

Create content from anywhere

We love how the platform is now more flexible and user friendly. You can leave the desktop behind and work from anywhere! All of the built-in themes are responsive so you can use the admin areas all from your mobile device. Quick changes can also be easily made by choosing in-context editing and just using the tools you need.

100 languages…

You can now choose from an impressive 100 languages at the first step of installation and any component of the software can be translated. This is great news for global websites as it’s even easier now to build what you want in the languages you want.

We are sure you’ll agree that Drupal 8 has some brilliant new features, we are excited to start using them and building some amazing projects! Find out more about the update here.


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