Kentico List of Widgets and Web Parts

Written by Ilesh Mistry
November 20th 2014

3 minute read

Yes I did

Okay no worries.

No I didn't 

A colleague of mine discovered this from Kentico Support, but I thought I should share this with you.

Within Kentico you can append a URL to show you the list of Widgets and/or Web Parts in your site. This list also includes the custom widgets and web parts that you have.

Kentico Widgets List

What you need to do is append this to the site domain for the list of Kentico Widgets:


Kentico Web Parts List

What you need to do is append this to the site domain for the list of Kentico Web Parts


List Example

This is an example of how you could use one of the links

Please note that you would need to be logged into the Kentico Admin area for this. Also I have only tested this in Kentico 8, although it may work on versions below Kentico 8.

What does this list look like?

Well the list looks like this...

This list is like the Widgets and Web Parts Documentation List Kentico had for previous versions.

What else does it provide me?

Within this list you can also see the properties and the description that is from the widget or web part. This information is pretty useful when you are looking at this list. Try this out and you can also see it.

This post just shows two of Kentico's biggest areas in a very useful format. I would love to see others areas of Kentico like this, such as lists of Page Types, Modules and Page Templates. If you have managed to get other lists like this showing up, please let me know!


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