Our Second Kentico Webinar - 'The Art of Nurturing Leads'

Written by Hayley Bayliss
June 8th 2016

4 minute read

You may have attended or read about our first Kentico webinar back in February which saw our Senior Project Manager and Certified Kentico Marketer, Rich Madigan, talk attendees through the benefits of the Kentico EMS software.

As the flagship product within Kentico, EMS augments the traditional CMS with an online marketing toolkit. The software arms organisations with powerful tools to help them analyse the behaviour of their website users in order to better understand their needs. With this valuable information, it is possible to deliver perfectly timed, personalised experiences using the software, in order to maximise conversions.

Our second webinar focused on providing valuable content to leads in order to turn them into customers.

Our second webinar focussed on the topic of ‘The Art of Nurturing Leads’ and we delved further into the EMS software to highlight how certain tools, such as lead scoring can be used to monitor behaviour in order to identify the hottest leads and to know how and when to target them to move them through the sales process. 

Rich began by giving an overview of the different types of users that reach an organisation through various sources, including direct website visits, webinars, direct mail and various other methods. From these sources, he explained how 25% are sales-ready and know what they want. There are then another 25% that are not relevant and can be safely ignored. That leaves another 50% who are potential customers that need nurturing to move them into the sales-ready stage. This statistic highlights the huge potential that there is to nurture leads through digital platforms and Rich went on to explain how this can be done.

Focussing on the customer journey, Rich detailed how users move through the different stages of the buying process. The first being awareness followed by consideration and lastly, intent. Rich explained how you can use EMS to nurture leads at each of these stages in order to move them through the process and ultimately gain more conversions. 

If you missed the webinar, you can listen to it here, along with our previous webinar, ‘Maximising the potential of Kentico EMS’.


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