We came, we cycled, we conquered!

Written by Rob Yardy
June 23rd 2015

5 minute read

The MMT Digital team have just completed their latest challenge to raise money for their sponsored charity, The Mango Tree...

Project Manager, Jamie Sumner, tells the story of our latest charity challenge to raise money for the brilliant charity, The Mango Tree...

Generally speaking, a life in web development is not a particularly active one. Sure, there’s the odd game of lunchtime table tennis here, a 10 minute walk to a client office there, but generally speaking we lead fairly sedentary working lives. We don’t normally even stand up in our standups! So it was with some trepidation that 16 of MMT Digital's finest rolled up to the start line last Sunday morning to cycle around the Nottinghamshire countryside for hours on end at the Cycle Live Nottingham event!

The pre-ride preparation involved, of course, a trip to the pub a night before – not just any pub mind – the oldest pub in Britain! Keeping in mind the enormity of the challenge to come, we all opted to remain sensible, keeping the amount of pints drunk to single figures each, and doubling up on portions of chips eaten (we are on top of our sports nutrition…)

On the day itself, feeling mildly hungover and way too full, our band of merry men and women split into 2 camps – 8 people took on the 25 mile route, including someone on a 3-geared vintage bike complete with basket, someone who hadn’t ridden a bike in over a decade, and a pair dressed in complimentary Mario and Luigi outfits! Meanwhile the other 8 took themselves much more seriously, attempting to look like lean, mean cycling machines on their carbon frames and in their lycra jumpsuits – an illusion that was rapidly dismantled as soon as we hit the first hill.

The 25 mile ride was an eventful experience, livened up by encountering another Mario and Luigi pairing, who had attached silly string to their handlebars and proceeded to fire it at our pair in some sort of Mario-kart-on-bikes affair, an illusion that was added to by the number of banana skins strewn across the course from other hungry cyclists. All in all, a pleasant time was had by all, and then they were off to the pizza restaurant for some well-earned refreshments.

For those doing the 100-mile ride though, ‘pleasant’ was probably the last thing on their mind. Any thoughts of camaraderie were out of the ride as soon as the first hill hit – it was every man for himself! James Cannings led the troops home, followed not long after by the ‘Mandem’, Tim and James Sear, who had purchased an old school Peugeot tandem racer especially for the occasion – their feat in finishing the course made all the more impressive by the fact that on each of their training rides something had gone catastrophically wrong with a bike for which parts are no longer made! The rest of our crew gradually filtered in over the next few hours, all feeling worse for wear but proud to have finished!

There were a few sore legs and bums (why are road bike saddles so hard?!) but it was a great day out, and we raised over £2,400 for our chosen charity, the Mango Tree, who assist orphaned children in Kenya and Tanzania. It’s not too late to donate, the Just Giving link is here: https://www.justgiving.com/MMT-Digital-Cycle


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