Kentico Connection Brno 2015 - round up

Written by Ilesh Mistry
December 8th 2015

4 minute read

Here is my review from the Kentico Connection Brno 2015...

The final stop in the Kentico Connection 3 city destinations was the city of Brno the home of Kentico Head Quarters!

So before I go into more details of Kentico Connections, I was previleged to be awarded as a Kentico MVP last year so I got to meet up with the other MVPs before the start of Kentico Connection. This meant we got to go round the Brno Lake and also got to watch the Ice Hockey match for the local team Komenta. This was totally amazing and obviously Komenta won! Go Komenta! 

I can only speak for myself, but I am sure the rest of the Kentico MVPs also will be supporting Komenta! 

Social Night

Before Kentico Connection started there was a Social Night, which started with a tour around the beautiful city of Brno. This was pretty cool to be shown firstly the Kentico office and then have a walking tour of Brno. The turn out for the tour was amazing considering the freezing temperatures :)

We got shown various famous areas of Brno and then warmed up for some carpet curling. Yep carpet curling, which was really great fun!

Burgers and Cocktails

Then this got everyone's appetite up for burgers and cocktails at the Bar that doesn't exist brno. Here is a teaser image for you.

Cocktails were flowing like anything, which was probably not ideal for for a 9am registration for Kentico Connection, but we all made it! 

Kentico Connection Brno 2015 - Day 1

The agenda was set for day 1

The day was kicked off by Opening keynote by Petr Palas and Karol Jarkovsky, explaining the version of Kentico and the direction they are heading.

Kentico Draft

Kentico Draft was also presented to us all, which is a cloud-based service for digital agencies and content teams, providing you with a single place for web content production to optimize your projects.

We got a short presentation by the members of the Kentico Draft team, which was a great introduction of the different stages they went through to get to the final stage. Amazing effort by the team, Kentico Draft looks awesome and a great product for Kentico.

Meet the people behind the Product

We got to see the Product Management Team and this was pretty cool to meet the Product Owners of the different sections and them explaining to us what section they look after. 

My session - Delivering your Kentico site to your client

The day cracked on with sessions after sessions, including my session on how to successfully deliver Kentico sites to your clients. 

Click here to view a link to the presentation - Delivering Kentico sites to you client

Remember the hashtag KenticoConnectionSDC, as there is still some time to contribute to the Kentico Connection Site Delivery Checklist!

There were some awesome sessions presented by lots of people from KenticoKentico MVPs and also other Kentico Partners.

Kentico Version 9 Launch party

Now if you have been somewhere else on the planet and not aware, but Kentico Version 9 was released on 24th November! Make sure you start using it soon.

To honour this release, Kentico had a launch party for all Kentico employees and Kentico Connection attendees. This party was amazing.

Great food, great music and great company!  

Kentico Connection Brno 2015 - Day 2

The day started with a 9:30 registration and again the sessions were lined up for people to attend. It was another strong day of events, which had people again from Kentico, Kentico MVPs and Kentico Solution Partners. 

Closing keynote

The Kentico Connection closing keynote was given by Karol Jarkovsky on Product Revolution and Kentico's vision of the future. 

That's my review of Kentico Connections Brno 2015. It was sad to say goodbye, but Kentico Connections was amazing and a great event Kentico set up and organised. A big thanks to Kentico! Thank you and see you soon! 


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